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Warne says success has made Australians arrogant


Melbourne : Legendary spinner Shane Warne says cricketing success has bred an ugly, arrogant attitude in the Australian game and has warned officials they could be heading for a fall, Australian media reported.

Australia’s decade-long dominance has sparked radical suggestions from former coach John Buchanan that fringe Test and domestic cricketers should be allowed to play for rival nations to strengthen competition.

But Warne claimed in an interview with Herald Sun cricket writer Jon Pierik Thursday that Buchanan was a “goose” and his “verbal diarrhoea” epitomised a worrying big-headed culture.

“The only issue I have got with cricket at the moment is that Australian people and administrators and ex-players and ex-coaches – a la John Buchanan – have got to stop the arrogant mindset that Australia is so much better than anybody else,” Warne said.

“Yes, Australia is the No. 1 country in the world but all this bulls___ about our players going to other countries and playing, what a lot of ____.

“There is going to be a time in the next two or three years when Australia is tested. Other countries will catch up and they will unearth someone. That’s just the cycle.”

Buchanan, who has endured a frosty relationship with the former leg-spinner, would not comment when contacted Thursday night.

Warne also called for the 50-over one-day internationals to be scrapped and replaced by Pro40, which has been a success in English domestic cricket.