Israeli Soldiers Shoot a Woman to death

Gaza, (Prensa Latina) Israeli soldiers kill a woman and wounded other seven Palestinians in Erez bordering passage, at the northern of Gaza Strip, security sources reported on Monday.

Those persons were coming back from the pilgrimage to La Mecca, in Saudi Arabia, by the frontier of Jordan and Israel and when some of them got closer to the demarcation line the Israeli soldiers opened fire, noted witnesses who went there to welcome their relatives.

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At least 2200 Palestinian pilgrimages are detained at the Jordan port of Aqaba from where they are not allow returning to Gaza and force to pass through the Israeli control post of Karm Abu Salem, according to the Palestinian deputy Khamis Najjar.

Meanwhile, Israel Betselem Non Governmental Organization announced in its annual report that from January to December 26, 2007, 366 Palestinians died, 53 of them children, in Gaza and the West Bank.

Betselem criticizes Tel Aviv authorities’ lack of responsibility in front of the constant violations of human rights of the Palestinian people and condemn excessive use of arms by the Israeli Defense Forces in its frequent raids in the West Bank.

In those military operations over 5 dozens of people died in that area of autonomy.