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New Delhi seeks clarifications on PSI from US


New Delhi : With the US pressing it to join Proliferation Security Initiative (PSI), New Delhi has sought 'clarifications' on certain aspects of the multi-nation program aimed at checking proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) and their delivery systems worldwide.

India has a number of apprehensions with regard to operational aspects of US-led PSI that was launched in 2003 with an aim of creating a proactive approach to preventing proliferation to or from nation states and non-state actors, Zeenews website reported here Sunday.

"We are still examining some elements of it (PSI)," a senior official told reporters here.

The issue was discussed about a fortnight back when senior officials of India and the US met here.

The Indian side was led by K C Singh, additional secretary in External Affairs Ministry, while the American delegation was headed by John C Rood, acting under secretary for non-proliferation.

"We have sought certain clarifications (from the US)," the official said.

The US has been pressing India to join the PSI, viewing the country to be important for the program's future, particularly expansion and functionality.

India, however, has apprehensions about PSI's application as well as its legal ramifications.

New Delhi has reservations about 'mechanics' of maritime interdictions of vessels suspected to be carrying materials for proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.