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World should not forget humanitarian aid for Gaza: German FM


Berlin : German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier on Thursday called on the global community to step up its humanitarian efforts in Gaza in the wake of the Israeli political and economic blockade after Hamas took over power in Gaza.

"The international community of states should not forget the humanitarian aid in the Gaza Strip and it also has to ensure that here are access possibilities for their own NGOs in Gaza. Moreover it has to talk with Israel to make sure that border checkpoints are open for humanitarian aid," Steinmeier said during a news conference with foreign journalists in Berlin.

The German minister's remarks have preceded systematic western efforts to cripple Hamas politically ever since it was democratically elected by the Palestinian nation.

The European Union has withheld much-needed funds for
Palestinians after the formation of the Haniya government as result of Israeli political arm-twisting.

International aid organizations have voiced deep concern over the humanitarian situation in Gaza as Israel has increased its indiscriminate attacks on Palestinian civilian targets in Gaza.

Over the past two weeks, Israeli military operations in the Gaza Strip have led to the killing of dozens of Palestinian civilians and the wounding of many more.

In one single incident on 12 July, nine family members – including children – were killed in their home by an air strike in Gaza City.

Under international humanitarian law, Israel is responsible for meeting the basic needs of the population, which include food, medical supplies and means of shelter.