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Sourav’s celebrates Dada’s birthday


Kolkata : Former Team India captain Sourav Ganguly was not in town but his birthday was still celebrated at Sourav's – the multi-cuisine signature restaurant owned by the cricket star.

Ganguly turned 35 Sunday.

"We have been celebrating the occasion for the last two years but since 'Dada' is not in town this year we missed him. It is a very important day for us," security manager of Sourav's Rarun Lama told IANS.

The staff and around a hundred guests at the restaurant celebrated the occasion in the presence of Sourav's older brother Snehashis Ganguly, who cut the birthday cake.

Their mother Nirupa Ganguly said: "It feels great that Sourav is back with the Indian team and is playing in England. I hope he performs well there and we wish him all the best."