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Careless medical officials to face action in Rajasthan


Jaipur : Carelessness on the part of the health department officials in controlling the spread of seasonal diseases like malaria in Rajasthan will attract harsh punishment now.

The state government has decided to take stern action against the health department officials who are found lax in their duties especially during the time of the spread of seasonal diseases.

As per the decision that has now been forwarded for approval to the personnel department, the government has decided to stop at least three increments and even suspend the officials including doctors who are found lax in their duties.

The step is aimed at curbing the spread of seasonal diseases, officials in the health department told IANS here Friday. After getting the nod from the personnel department, the orders will remain in force till March 31, 2008.

The government was concerned with reports of an increase in malaria cases in the state after which it started to put in place a plan to combat the spread of seasonal diseases. These diseases generally spread during and after the monsoon.

As per available figures, cases of malaria have increased manifold in the state in the last few weeks. From July 1 to July 7, as many as 1,110 cases were found positive, compared to 667 cases last year during the same period.

Concerned over the outbreak, the government has started work on an action plan to fight this mosquito menace. "We have prepared an action plan to combat seasonal diseases in the state", Digambar Singh, the Rajasthan Health Minister, said.

"We have asked all chief medical and health officers, doctors and other staff to be on alert."

Singh said the government was taking steps to combat the diseases and "is fully equipped to fight the disease out".

To avert any untoward incident, the government is also planning to take the services of private doctors in the remote and rural areas.