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Tight Security around G-8 Summit

By Prensa Latina

Berlin : German authorities have reinforced security around the G-8 Summit headquarters in the Baltic spa of Heiligendamm, with about 16,000 agents deployed.

The Greifswald Supreme Administrative Court barred holding protests around a radius four km from the 12 million-Euro security fence erected surrounding the venue, one of the most noteworthy measures by the interior ministry to protect the G-8 chiefs of tate and government.

The police also carried out several searches and raids in several German cities looking for possible violent demonstrators, and will use dogs during the summit to identify them.

The safety measures also included a thorough census of the inhabitants, who were given a document to move around the area, and strict control of visitors from border countries.

All those precautions are part of preparations to suppress anti-globalization demonstrations demanding a better world.