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Corporates go green on World Environment Day


New Delhi : Celebrating World Environment Day Tuesday, corporate firms like DHL and ITC Welcome group adopted several environment friendly measures in India.

The ITC Welcome Group, which has 14 five-star hotels across the country, have phased out plastic bags and are using biodegradable bags for garbage collection.

They will also use only recycled paper stationary and practise paperless communication as far as possible.

"We are a group with corporate social responsibility and we want to tell others that by adopting cleaner measures they can benefit the world as well as reduce their operation costs," said Niranjan Khatri, general manager (environment) of ITC Welcome group.

Prakash Kumar, chief engineer of The Maurya Sheraton here, told IANS: "We are also planning to convert our diesel-based generators into gas-based. This will help us reduce energy consumption and make carbon dioxide emissions almost nil,"

Similarly, global courier service provider DHL has converted all their 333 cargo vehicles into LPG mode.

"As part of DHL's global commitment, DHL in India has transformed all vehicles to LPG – an environment friendly fuel. We believe this will positively impact our business and the society within which it operates," it said in a statement.

"DHL in India is the first in the Asia Pacific region to 'Go Green'. The Go Green campaign is focused on our main environmental challenge of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and operating in a cleaner, healthier environment," said Ashutosh Bajpai, director, public policy of DHL.

Bajpai said the Go Green campaign, started in metro cities, would also reach their other destinations in the near future.

"In India, we provide services in 14,400 locations and have a total customer base of over five million. Our initiative will soon reach all corners of the country," he added.