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Four publicly executed in Pakistan for adultery


Islamabad : A woman and three men were publicly executed in north-west Pakistan after a tribal council found them "guilty of adultery", media reported Tuesday.

The four were caught red-handed during a raid Monday by local tribesmen at a village house in the restive Khyber tribal agency, according to the Dawn newspaper.

They were shot dead hours later with Kalashnikov assault rifles in an open area in front of a large crowd on the orders of a 'jirga', or tribal council.

All four confessed to the charge of adultery, which is a crime in Pakistan, during interrogation, 'jirga' member Haji Jan Gul told the newspaper, adding that they had also violated local traditions.

One of the men had told the 'jirga' he got the woman into prostitution to pay off his debts, Gul said.

This was the second incident of public execution in the Khyber Agency reported in the past three months. Two men and a woman were stoned and then shot dead in March, also for adultery.