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Alonso could break contract with McLaren


Madrid : Fernando Alonso may well have found the way to prematurely breaking his contract with McLaren-Mercedes, the Formula One team where he has said he is not "comfortable."

"Alonso's entourage could have found the legal way to break (the contract)," Spanish sports daily Marca reported Friday.

The newspaper added that there was tension in McLaren-Mercedes, between twice world champion Spaniard Alonso and his teammate, British Formula-1 rookie Lewis Hamilton, who currently leads the drivers' standings.

According to Marca, the team was undergoing a "civil war that has few chances of ending well".

"Two-and-a-half years in this situation would be an unbearable sentence. People know it at McLaren and people know it in other teams, which have already rushed to knock on the door of Alonso's entourage," the daily added.

Marca said three other teams could be interested in signing the man who won the drivers' world championship twice with Renault before joining McLaren this season. On Thursday, the Italian media reported that Ferrari was interested in the Spaniard.

"What is impossible is that Fernando serves his three-year contract with his team in the current tense situation," Marca said.

Hamilton currently leads the standings with 48 points to Alonso's 40. The "war" between them started at the Monaco Grand Prix, when the Brit expressed his regret that he is the team's number-two driver and hinted that Alonso might be favoured by team decisions.

Tension grew at the Canada Grand Prix, when the Spaniard admitted that he did not feel "comfortable" at McLaren-Mercedes.

On Sunday, at the US Grand Prix in Indianapolis, the two drivers will once again measure up against each other on the circuit.