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US veterinarian treats Orissa tigress via email

By Jatindra Dash, IANS

Bhubaneswar : An American veterinarian is helping doctors at a Orissa zoo cure a tigress, whose hind legs have been paralysed, by providing advice via email.

On March 31 a team of forest officials and veterinarians rescued an injured tigress, about six years old, from the Satkoshia wildlife sanctuary in Angul district, some 220 km from here.

The tigress was moved to the Nandankanan Zoo on the outskirts of Bhubaneswar, zoo director Ajit Patnaik told IANS.

"The tigress was in a bad shape with multiple gun injuries and wounds having severe infections. There was a possibility of blood poisoning," said Patnaik.

"With proper care by the zoo veterinarians and experts from the Orissa Veterinary College, the wound management was successful and the tigress was saved.

"However the major challenge after that was the treatment of the paralysis of hind legs due to the spinal injury it received when it was shot. Animals rarely recover from this," said Patnaik.

"We contacted Susan Murray, the veterinarian at the National Zoo in Washington. She had the experience of dealing with such disorders.

"Murray wanted us to send the initial injury and x-ray by email so that she could assess the condition of the tigress. After that she advised us online," said Patnaik.

"The veterinarians here started the treatment of the animal according to her advice. Now, after 15 days of treatment, we are observing that there is gradual movement of the hind legs of the tigress.

"It would be a big breakthrough if the tigress recovers fully," added Patnaik.