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Single organisation favoured for Malayalam film industry


Thiruvananthapuram : Thespian Malayalam actor Thilakan favours one common organisation for all the people associated with the Malayalam film industry to end its problems.

The Malayalam film industry today has separate organisations for actors, producers, directors, distributors, exhibitors and 18 different bodies for the technicians ranging from light boys to drivers.

"What is the need for so many organisations? If there would have been just one organisation for the entire industry, we could even have taken on the government. But since egos of individuals in the industry is so high, I know it can't be possible," Thilakan told reporters here Sunday.

"All the hugging and shaking of hands that you see among the film personalities is just show off. The grudge that these people have for one another is so huge," said Thilakan.

The outspoken actor for long has been critical of a section of the top brass of the Association of Malayalam Movie Artistes (AMMA).

"My difference of opinion still continues and I don't think it would be settled. I speak out and that hurts some people and they don't like it," he said.

"I am not keeping good health so I am not attending the general body of AMMA which is taking place today at Kochi," he said.

Thilakan, now nearing 70, began his illustrious career as a stage actor and has been in the field for nearly five decades.