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A step forward with TwoCircles.net

By TwoCircles editorial team

A year ago, in the month of May, we set on a journey to unknown future. We had budget for six months of minimum operation but were hopeful that somehow we will pull it through. Even then it was an uncertain future, but we just wanted to show that it can be done. Muslims can have their own media and their own voice in the ever increasing din of media.

We have added more staff, did a lot of interesting stories and covered a wide range of news that went beyond the initial mandate of IndianMuslims.info (IMI). Still the focus remained on Indian Muslims and will continue to be so.

As a result of ever shorter news cycles, we have unfortunately not paid enough attention on other goals of IndianMuslims.info website. We intended it be a resource for Indian Muslims with stats, documents, reports, and information on government programs for Muslims.

We have come to the realization that we have to spin off the news section of IMI to its own domain and so that both parts of our strategy continue to evolve. Therefore we announce the launch of TwoCircles.net; it will be a news site that will cover all Indian and International news. As before, our emphasis will continue to be on news stories of interest to Indian Muslims but there will be plenty of news from India and as usual we will cover news from the Muslim world.

Why TwoCircles.net?

As Maulana Muhammad Ali Jauhar once said: "I belong to two circles of equal size, but which are not concentric. One is India, and the other is the Muslim world." It is a beautiful metaphor that continues to define Indian Muslims. We belong to these two circles at the same time.

Maulana Abul Kalam Azad had similarly said that he is an Indian and he is Muslim and he was not going to give up any part of this legacy.

These two great leaders of Indian Muslims and of freedom struggle of India continue to inspire us. Their lives symbolized the two circles that they belonged to. Maulana Azad was born in Makkah, and he is buried in India; Maulana Jauhar was born in India but he is buried in Jerusalem.

We hope that all of you will appreciate and continue to support all our sites and our efforts. But for you, this would not have been possible, and but for community support there is no point in continuing any further.

In days to come, depending on our resources, we will continue to bring quality articles, news stories and special coverage that you have come to expect from us.