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China urges political efforts against nuclear proliferation

By Xinhua

Vienna : China has called for political efforts to honour the principles of the nuclear non-proliferation treaty (NPT), saying the international community needs to address both the symptoms and root causes of the nuclear proliferation issue.

Zhang Yan, director general of the Department of Arms Control and Disarmament of the Chinese foreign ministry made the call as head of the Chinese delegation at the general debate in the first session of the preparatory committee for the 2010 NPT Review Conference.

Zhang said the risk of nuclear weapon proliferation poses severe threats to international peace and has become a prominent issue of international security.

According to him, in opposing proliferation of nuclear weapons, the international community firstly should follow the purposes and principles of the UN charter and other universally recognised norms of international laws, to create an international environment featuring peace, stability and common security.

Countries should respect each other’s security interests and give up the policy of pursuing unilateral security, to create a harmonious international atmosphere of mutual trust, which will provide the necessary conditions for eliminating the motivation of seeking nuclear weapons and achieving the goal of non-proliferation, Zhang said.

Secondly, regional and international non-proliferation issues should be addressed through dialogue and negotiations. Exerting pressure, imposing sanctions or resorting to force are not effective ways to resolve problems.

Zhang said the UN Security Council might play certain roles in dealing with major non-proliferation issues. However, diplomatic efforts beyond the Security Council are equally important and more effective, he added.

Thirdly, the international community should advance with the times and seek a fair, reasonable and effective way to enhance the nuclear non-proliferation regime through extensive consultations, Zhang said.