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Indo-Canadian Sikh youth stabbed to death


Toronto : An Indo-Canadian Sikh youth was killed in a brawl between old rivals at a house party in Ontario here.

The police found Amrinder Singh Atwel, 19, with several stab wounds in the middle of a road in Brampton.

Police said the fight broke out just after 10 p.m. inside a house and then spilled outside on a normally quiet suburban street, the Toronto Sun reported.

"I saw them smashing bottles and I called 911 right away," Anies Tayebali, a local resident said, explaining more than 20 people in heir late teens and early 20s were involved in the fight.

Several people were also injured in the fight, police said. At least three other young men were stabbed in the fight but their injuries are said to be not life threatening.

"Investigators believe the altercation erupted as a result of a pre-existing dispute between several individuals," Const. J.P. Valade said.

No weapons have been found and no arrests have been made.