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‘Safar-e-azadi’ by JKLF may usher in Federation of India.

Ref: Federation of SAARC in the making.

Dear Sir

The chairman of Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF), Muhammad Yasin Malik reportedly said that JKLF would resume its ‘Safar-e-Azadi’ (March for freedom) from May 20 for the inclusion of Kashmiris, in the ongoing process for the resolution of Kashmir problem.

But if JKLF takes ‘Safar-e-azadi’ seriously and takes the resolution of Kashmir problem to is logical end then it has a potential of not only converting Union of India into Federation of India but also can ultimately usher in Federation of Secular Democratic SAARC Countries in view of the following: –

(1)- Kashmir problem which, as per EU’s report has already consumed the lives of 80,000 Kashmiris (and which gives kashmiris a rare right of constituent sovereignty of State in relation to constituted grand sovereignty of Federation of India / United States of India) is mainly due the mistakes of both India and Pakistan by their inept handling of execution of UN’s plebiscite resolution of 1948 and also as given below (hence kashmiris have equal sovereign right to decide the fate of political arrangement between India, Pakistan and Kashmir): –

(A)- By overestimating the efficacy of hence support to senseless fundamentalist armed rebellion of Kashmiris, Pakistan made the Kashmir problem bloody.

(B)- Functionaries of Government of India, who participated or were involved in the proceedings of UN plebiscite resolution, committed the offence of sedition as per section 124-A of Indian Penal Code.

(2)- Kashmir problem can not be solved unless Kashmir is reunified. But on one side Hindu majority India is simply not interested in retrieving its lost territory of Muslim majority POK and on other side India will never compromise on its territorial integrity which implies that whole of J&K (including POK) is an integral part of India. Whereas Pakistan neither wants to handover POK to India nor has adequate military power to snatch remaining Kashmir from India (Otherwise also international community will not allow nuclear powers India and Pakistan to sort out Kashmir problem by military solution).

(3)- Hence only solution left is to convert Union of India into Federation of India in which J&K (including POK) will also be a State like other 27 States & Union Territories of India. Where more or less as per ex – Chief Minister of J&K, Dr. Farooq Abdullah’s formula, Centre may deal merely with foreign affairs, currency, defense, citizenship, elections, comptrolling & auditing of Government accounts, communication, nationalized air / water / land routes, employment guarantee programs & human rights while leaving all other matters (including natural resources) to the member States.

(4)- But Pakistan will object to this political arrangement as it will have to part company from POK. Hence this Federation of India is better made Federation of Secular Democratic SAARC Countries in which Pakistan (and other SAARC Countries) can also later on join with all its States.

(5)- In view of political troubles in most of the SAARC countries, international community (which JKLF ought to mobilize) will support this initiative of Federation of Secular Democratic SAARC Countries with largest stable democracy (India) as a nucleus.

(6)- This Federation of SAARC will sign Optional Protocol (OP1) to International Covenant on Civil & Political Right (ICCPR) so that any individual citizen of Federation of SAARC may move UN for remedy, in case State blatantly denies his / her human rights.

Of course for the success of this initiative, JKLF ought to show the political sagacity & acumen by: –

(i)- Mobilizing support for the abolition of Article 370 of the Constitution of India which debilitates the people of J&K by depriving them of the main stream political energy of India.

(ii)- Mobilizing support for making Mufti Muhammad Sayeed of PDP, the next President of India.

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