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Supreme Court Notice to GoI on SIMI’s Petition Challenging Ban

By Pervez Bari, TwoCircles.net

Bhopal: The Supreme Court of India has issued a notice to the Centrral Government on the ground of Students’ Islamic Movement of India’s, (SIMI’s), petition.

A request has been made to collect under trial cases in various courts in India that challenge the government’s ban on SIMI through their petition. A bench comprising Justice P.B. Singh and Justice M.S. Beedi has issued the notice.

The basic reason given by the Government of India, (GoI), to ban SIMI is that this organization has been involved in anti-national activities.

The advocate for the petitioners has reasoned that all petitions filed by SIMI could be collected and compiled as it will help in reaching the verdict easily, since similar questions have been raised in both High Courts and the Supreme Court.

SIMI has challenged the ban by the Central Government on the ground that it has not been involved in any anti-national activities. Therefore, there is no justification to ban it. The petitioner has given further proof that SIMI has not been found involved in any terrorist activities too and it has no connection with any terrorist organization.

SIMI is purely a student movement; while the government has given reason to ban it that it was involved in separatist activities and could be a danger to the integrity and solidarity of India.

The tribunal had approved the government order. SIMI has approached the Supreme Court against the tribunal approval too. ([email protected])