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Computerise Capital’s mosques, suggests Delhi Minorities Panel

Dear Sirs,

Computerizing the mosques and minorities is a very good idea for empowerment of the minorities and poverty alleviation of the marginalized and deprived class of society.

Biometric registration of every minority and tracking their health, education, skills, employment and old age pension would go a long way in alleviating poverty.

The Zakat payments can also be tracked effectively using the biometric smart cards.

Every minority should be uniquely identified by an ID with their finger prints / iris and photograph registered and biometric smart card with a java chip issued for recording all details and tracking benfits extended to them.

Already pilots have been conducted in tribal districts of Andhra Pradesh to uniquely identify citizens using their biometric and track the benefits received by them under the National rural Employment schemes.

Pilots are also on their way in the State of Bihar for registering NREGP beneficiaries.

'e-Administration' e-Platform for e-governance is a powerful tool to register citizens uniquely and empower them to track by themselves the benefits due to them and actually received by them.

More details can be seen at http://ll2b.blogspot.com

Kris Dev
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