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Pakistani youth indifferent to political developments: survey


Islamabad : Pakistani youth are indifferent to developments in the country following the imposition of the emergency, a survey has found.

According to the Centre of Civic Education-Pakistan (CEC), 70 percent of youth surveyed across the country showed a lack of interest in engaging in political activities.

On the flip side, more than 80 percent were of the view that political participation by them could have a positive effect on the current developments.

“This indicates that under conducive conditions, many would show a greater degree of political activism which, if channelled wisely, could lay the foundations of a strong and peaceful democratic culture,” Dawn said in an editorial Thursday.

“To ensure this, the most obvious measure that comes to mind — and that is recommended by the CCE study — is the revival of student unions and the latter’s need to take an interest in campus issues,” it added.

“Unfortunately, at the moment the vacuum created by the ban on unions has been filled by political parties that encourage their respective student wings to force their ideology on the student population and to battle other groups to secure their turf.

The editorial noted that it would be erroneous to assume that ensuring the revival of student unions or even registering the youth as voters would be enough of a political education for our young adults.

“Awareness in all areas is the key to political participation, and it is this aspect that must be stressed early on life for a positive change. It is essential to sensitise people, including older children, youth and adults, to issues ranging from economic woes to antiquated societal values that cause society to regress, and to make them aware of their rights as citizens.

“It is just as important to tell them of the forums of appeal available to them if they have grievances. Such knowledge is the basis for people’s power and for greater, meaningful and more representative political participation in the country,” the editorial maintained.