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Israel preventing Palestinian students returning to UK


London : The Federation of Student Islamic Societies (Fosis) in the UK and Ireland Wednesday condemned Israel for preventing Palestinian students, studying in British universities, to return to the UK.

“It is unacceptable for the Israeli authorities to impose such restrictions; these students are innocent of any crime and simply want to return to continue their studies,” Fosis spokesman Faisal Hanja said.

Hanja said that many students studying in the UK went back to Palestine for their summer holidays to see their families and named Khaled Al Mudallal, who has gained some attention in sections of the British press as but “one example.”
“While there, due to the political situation in Gaza, they were not allowed to leave by the Israeli authorities to return to continue their studies. Both their places at university and thus their future is jeopardized by this policy,” he said.

Fosis, an umbrella organization representing over 90,000 Muslim students in the UK, said it was calling on the British government to lobby on behalf of the students and urge Israeli authorities “to lift these unjust sanctions.”
Last month, a Palestinian youth football team was prevented from traveling to the UK after being invited by a network of community organizations to send an under-19 side to take part in a two week training camp.