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German firm to upgrade Nehru Stadium


New Delhi : German architecture firm Von Gerkhan, Marg und Partner (GMP) has been commissioned to upgrade the Nehru Stadium in New Delhi for the 2010 Commonwealth Games, the Germany embassy’s journal here announced.

German News, the German journal, noted that the firm is known for its state-of-the-art, hi-tech infrastructure projects.

Among the projects undertaken by GMP were Europe’s biggest central station in Berlin, the new airports in Berlin, Hamburg and Stuttgart, and hi-tech sports stadiums in Berlin and Cologne built for FIFA World Cup 2006.

“While this is GMP’s first step into India, Asia is well-known to the company, which has already implemented many projects in Vietnam and China,” said German News.

Meinhard von Gerkhan, founding President of GMP, wrote in the magazine after a recent visit to India that it was “fascinating” to get involved here “at a time of dramatic Indian development and a rising Indian interest in modern forms and hi-tech architecture”.

The renovation and modification at Nehru Stadium involves provision of a roof over the stands to protect visitors from rain and excessive sunlight.