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Ban adivices Turkey not to raid Kurdish militants in northern Iraq


United Nations : UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon late Tuesday advised Turkey not to raid Kurdish rebels in northern Iraq because the situation in the region can not withstand more tension.

“Any measures by any country should not create any concerns. First of all, we are going through a very difficult and sensitive period in Iraq. We need full cooperation and support from the countries in the region,” he told reporters in answer to a question.

He said the Turkish Government is going to host an international conference on the Iraqi situation in early November, “therefore I have full confidence and trust that each and every country in the region will act accordingly for peace and security in the region.”

The Turkish Parliament is expected to pass legislation today allowing Turkish troops to cross the border into northern Iraq to crush militants of the separatist Kurdistan Workers’ Party, known as the P.K.K., who have increased their attacks on Turkish troops across the border lately.

Asked what he thought of the CD he reportedly received from the Syrian authorities depicting the Israeli air attack on Syria in early September and why he did not send a copy to the Security Council, Ban said “we have not received any concrete evidence and concrete information. We need to get more clear information.”

Pressured further, he said “my answer is … I will stop there.”