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Police drive against street Romeos in Ranchi


Ranchi : For lovers, eve-teasers and street Romeos, Ranchi is not a safe place any more.

Acting on a Jharkhand high court directive, the police have started a special drive, ‘Operation Majnu’, near schools and colleges for girls.

The court had last week told the police to ensure the safety and protection of girl students.

The police have arrested a few boys who were seen loitering around college campuses. Some couples too were rounded up but were let off after their parents intervened.

The police have also asked girls to stay inside the campuses during school and college hours, a suggestion that has not gone down well with the students.

“The police suggestion is beyond our comprehension. What should we do, inside the campus, when there is a gap between classes? Police should ensure our protection instead of confining us on campus. This is no solution,” said Rani Kumari, a student of Ranchi Women’s College.

Echoing the same view, Sudha Tirkey said: “Should working women also stop going to offices? Police should find ways to ensure our protection rather than confining girls to campuses.”

The police are even urging girls not to move around with boyfriends.

Said a police officer: “We have not arrested any couple. Some couples were warned and asked not to move about in places where their safety could be at risk.

“If girls and their parents do not cooperate with us, how will we ensure their safety?” he asked.