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Clashes break out during protest against APEC forum

By Xinhua

Sydney : Police presence in and around Hyde Park in the city centre of Sydney, Australia’s largest city, remained high after clashes broke out Friday between supporters of US President George W. Bush and protesters against the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) meetings.

Sydney is hosting a series of APEC meetings, which will culminate in the leaders meeting on Saturday and Sunday.

Bush arrived here Tuesday for the leaders meeting.

One man was arrested after clashes broke out when a group of persons walked with their pro-Bush banners among protesters who were attending a No-to-APEC demonstration in the park.

Bush’s supporters said the group had a police permit for their rally. But shortly after arresting a man, police asked the pro-Bush protesters to leave the park.

It was estimated that about 500 people attended the protest against the APEC meeting.