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Urdu daily helps Muslim girls find Muslim grooms

By TwoCircles.net staff reporter

Saharanpur : Muslim girls living in Nari Niketan here feel fed up with the life they are living as they see their Hindu counterparts being married off one after another with the efforts being made by some Hindu organisations, says a front-page report in New Delhi based Urdu daily Hindustan Express Wednesday.

The Express report adds that nine Muslim girls living in this Nari Niketan for years together, who have now attained marriageable age, do not find Muslim grooms.

Knocking at the conscience of Muslim organisations, the report laments, "The Muslim organisations collect large funds in the name of welfare of the community but they do not take care of these hapless Muslim girls. They as well as Muslim youth are quite unaware of the fact that one of these girls, 20 years old Parveen, has filed a petition before the S.D.M. urging him to get her married even to a Hindu boy. And other Muslim girls there are getting ready to follow suit."

The functionaries of the Nari Niketan, it seems, have started preparation to marry these Muslim girls with Hindu boys, the report adds.

Citing an officer of the Niketan, the report says that these Muslim girls filed the petition with the S.D.M. last year, following which they advertised in newspapers but even after the passage of one year since then no Muslim boy has come forward.

The functionary of the Niketan told the Express reporter Haroon Rasheed (Mobile: 0091-9358130576), "If no Muslim boy turns up, we will marry them to Hindu boys soon as per their request."

The Express report did work as the paper in a follow-up report Thursday says that the Saharanpur office of the paper has received a number of calls. In one such call a Muslim woman from Nagal offered her son for marriage with one of these girls.

In another call All India Ulama Congress president and director Ministry of Agriculture Maulana Ansar Raza extended his helping hands to get these girls married.

Muzaffariya Education Trust president Irshad Ahmad has appealed to the functionaries of Nari Niketan not to make haste in marrying these Muslim girls to Hindu boys, and assured the paper that they would do their best to find Muslim boys for them.

Jamaat-e-Islami Hind district organiser Abdul Haseeb told the reporter that a delegation was immediately sent to the place to take stock of the situation on the ground and convince the functionaries of the Niketan that they would soon be able to find Muslim grooms for these girls.