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India needs alternative government: BJP

By Sanjay Sharma, IANS

Bhopal : Giving a call to its cadres to be prepared for early polls any time next year, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) here Saturday adopted a political resolution saying the nation was facing political instability and was now looking forward to an alternative government.

“Due to the failings of the UPA (United Progressive Alliance) government, the country needs firstly a strong and determined leadership, secondly effective governance and thirdly a top concern for national security and people of the country are looking forward towards the BJP and the NDA (National Democratic Alliance) which promises to fulfil these aspirations,” BJP spokesman Rajiv Pratap Rudy told reporters here.

Briefing the media about the political resolution adopted by the BJP on the second day of its three-day national executive meeting, Rudy said, “The credibility of the UPA leadership has been shaken due to slanging matches between supporting parties and even ministerial clashes have become the order of the day with the result that the UPA government in power is devoid of any governance.”

The government, the resolution says, is rudderless, directionless and merely sticking to office to complete a few extra days.

“The political environment is such that each party which is a part of the UPA-Left combine is now positioning to strengthen itself in a possible election and policy decision making in matters relating to the economy are the worst sufferers.

“Unfortunately, the government – a complete failure in a matter of controlling prices of essential commodities and in management of the farm economy – is preoccupied with the primary task of managing its own survival and the intensity of farmers’ suicides continue unabated,” it says.

The resolution also criticized the UPA government for allegedly not concentrating on serious governance and policy issues but trying to consolidate its vote banks by damaging the social fabric of the country.

“Each one of UPA’s decisions is intended to pursue the politics of minoritism intended to use the Muslims electorate as an instrument of political power,” it said.

Terrorism, the BJP said, continued unabated mostly in states ruled by the Congress and other “pseudo-secular” parties primarily because the signal to the police administration was to go slow on searches, intelligence gathering and cracking of terrorist modules.

“Infiltration is on the rise and the country can no longer claim to be free from Al Qaeda. Still, the country is without an effective anti-terror law which would have enabled the prosecuting agencies to detect terrorist activities and convict terrorists effectively.

“The UPA government is, in fact, trying to tackle terrorism not from national security point of view but with the desire of consolidating vote bank politics,” said the resolution.

It also accused the UPA government of having institutionalised corruption by misusing the premier investigative agency, the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI).

Commenting on the Ram Sethu issue, the political resolution said, “The attitude of the UPA government insisting on the demolition of the Ram Sethu has shaken the faith of the people with regards to its intentions.”

The party had brought a separate resolution on the issue earlier in the day seeking an apology from the government for its stand on the Ram Sethu and asking it to immediately stop dredging work at the site to build the Sethusamudram Shipping Canal.

It also sought acceptance of Lord Ram as a historical character and demanded that Ram Sethu be declared a monument of national heritage.

On the Sachar Committee recommendations accepted by the UPA, the BJP said, “the essence of the Sachar Committee to have job reservations based on religion, communal budgeting and developmental priorities in the areas inhabited by one religious denomination is a charter for social divisiveness”.

On Jammu and Kashmir, the BJP said the UPA Government does not have a serious political thought on the border state, which continues to bear the brunt of cross-border terrorism.

Reminding that Article 370 of the constitution was a symbol of separate status, Rudy said, “The UPA government seems to be considering giving Jammu and Kashmir the status of a separate country which is clear by the UPA’s audacity of arguing for its continuation and speak in terms of pre-1953 status, demilitarisation, autonomy and even self-rule.”

The resolution further said, “The problem of illegal migration from Bangladesh into the territory of India continues unabated. Twice in the past two years has the Supreme Court of India rapped the government on its knuckles with regard to he IMDT Act and Foreigners Control Order but the UPA has encouraged the infiltrators as it sees them as potential voters.”

On the Indo-US nuclear deal, the BJP said that the prime minister had preferred to ignore the majority opinion of parliament and reiterated its demand of having a joint parliamentary committee (JPC) on the issue.

“The hypocrisy of the Left is evident from the fact that while it is willing to proclaim and criticise, it is still unwilling to strike,” it added.