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Russian-Indian aviation pact in October

Moscow, Sep 24 (IANS) An agreement to jointly develop a Russian-Indian multi-role transport aircraft (MTA) will be signed in October, Russia’s aircraft building company Ilyushin has announced.

The firm has also invited Ukraine to take part in the project, the Russian news agency RIA Novosti said.

An inter-governmental cooperation agreement between Russia and India is to be signed by the end of October, said Viktor Livanov, general director of Ilyushin.

The MTA is expected to be configured around the Russian Il-214 project. The new prototype is to replace the veteran An-12 Cub, An-26 Curl and An-32 Cline transport planes in Russia and India.

The MTA is planned to mount an advanced PS-12 aero engine being developed at Russia’s Perm Motors Co. The carrying capacity of the aircraft is 20 tonnes. The new aircraft will be assembled at plants in both countries.