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US to benefit from change of policy on Iran – Ahmadinejad


Tehran : President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has said that Tehran welcomes any positive change in US policies on Iran and believe that such a move would benefit the US itself.

He made the remark in an interview with Aljazeera English channel on Thursday on the sidelines of the 62nd UN General Assembly session in New York.

He expressed the hope that the US would change its war mongering policies on Iran.

To a question that the US president did not point to Iran’s nuclear programme during his speech and whether this indicated a positive attitude of the White House on Iran, he said: “We hope so. Of course this will be to their own benefit because it will prepare grounds for their cooperation with us.”

The president termed the UNSC resolutions on Iran’s nuclear dossier as politically-motivated and said such resolutions are worthless because they have been ratified illegally.

UNSC resolutions have been approved under US pressures, therefore they are illegal, he said.

The US has misused its veto power in this connection, he pointed out.

Referring to the recent report by IAEA in which it confirmed Iran has not deviated from its peaceful nuclear programme, he said: “We believe that no other UNSC resolution will be passed against us.”

Asked whether he was concerned over military action against Iran, the president questioned why such an option should be on the table, saying that war is a mishap and there is no reason for its occurrence. “I do not think that any wise individual will take such a decision.”

On impolite statements made by the president of Columbia University, he said: “I think those who claim to be advocates of freedom of speech and democracy should promote the culture of tolerating others particularly in universities that are scenes of raising various ideas and thoughts.”