Draft document clears way to North Korea’s de-nuclearisation

By Xinhua

Beijing : The six parties negotiating the Korean peninsula nuclear issue have basically reached an agreement on the draft joint document, Japan’s head delegate to the talks Kenichiro Sasae said Sunday.

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“Further progress has been made for the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula in the joint document. Meanwhile, all parties have shown the understanding of pushing forward the relations between the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea) and the United States and Japan,” Sasae told reporters at his hotel.

As to the economic and energy assistance to North Korea and the future orientation of the talks, all delegations have reached an agreement in the document, said Sasae, refusing to reveal more details.

Concerning the peace and stability of northeast Asia, it is highly important to resolve the pending issues between the United States and North Korea, and those between Japan and North Korea, he said.

During the meetings held between Japan and North Korea, both sides agreed that, despite the difficulty in improving and developing the Japan-North Korea relations, the two countries should conduct frequent and close consultations and carry out sincere dialogues to resolve the unsettled issues with common concerns, he said.

The heads of delegations will contact their governments for the final approval of the document during the two-day recession, he said, adding that the document will be publicized with the consent of governments of all the six parties.