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Software to locate stolen laptops launched


Mumbai : Mumbai based Micro technologies have launched India’s first laptop tracking system to locate stolen laptops.

Micro Lost Notebook Tracking System (LNTS) is a software product that is embedded on notebook hard drives and is tracked as soon as they are connected to the Internet.

“The software was developed to deter, track and recover stolen laptops, notebooks and personal computers,” said P. Shekar, Micro technologies chairperson.

According to Shekar, 97 percent of expensive laptops that are stolen are never recovered and 57 percent corporate crimes are linked to them.

Allied Computers International (Asia) Ltd chairperson Hirji Patel feels that such software is the need of the hour and “is very important for business travellers”.

“Usually, laptops have secure data in them and for serious laptop users, this becomes a very vital safety tool,” said Patel, who pioneered low-cost notebooks in the country five years ago.

Using the Windows Explorer platform, the LNTS software is available online in “Elite” and “Premium” for individuals, and “Corporate” for corporate use starting from Rs.600 ($15).

When downloaded, the software automatically installs itself and connects to an embedded monitoring system the moment it logs on to the Internet while remaining hidden. The LNTS saves all the Internet data, which can only be accessed by the company’s technician.

“Today’s computer owners are quite concerned and seek information on who uses their computers – children, colleagues or even their spouses. We can provide information on all those,” said Shekar.