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Hamas warns Israel against tightening blockade on Gaza

By Xinhua

Gaza : A spokesman of the deposed Hamas government Saturday warned Israel against further tightening the blockade on the Gaza Strip.

Taher el-Noono told a news conference in Gaza that “the blockade has led to a complete paralysis in all aspects of life,” adding that there will be an expected explosion in the Gaza Strip against Israel if the blockade continues.

“Our people decided to end the unjust blockade by all means and the (Hamas) government will for sure support this attitude, because it has become unreasonable to see our people slowly dying,” he said.

El-Noono underlined that “Our people won’t wave a white flag of defeat.”

In addition, el-Noono warned Israel against “carrying out any stupidity against our leaders and our people, because the response to it will be powerful and violent.”

Food, energy and other daily necessities continue to be in short supply in the Gaza Strip due to the Israeli blockade.

Israel didn’t allow fuel into the Gaza Strip after three militant groups carried out an armed attack on Nahal Ozz Crossing east of Gaza City on Wednesday, where two Israelis were killed.

After Hamas took control of the Gaza Strip last June, Israel imposed a strict blockade on the enclave, closed down all Gaza Strip crossings and announced the Islamic movement a hostile entity.