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Hamas warns Israel of Gaza uprising against siege

By Xinhua,

Gaza : The Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) warned on Sunday that the Palestinians in Gaza are likely to take up a popular uprising to end a ten-month Israeli blockade.

Ayman Taha, Hamas spokesman in Gaza, said, “The comprehensive Zionist blockade on the Gaza Strip will be defeated by a strong popular uprising.”

“No one knows what kind of uprising it will be, or when and where,” Taha said, vowing that his movement will support them.

“The uprising won’t be decided by Hamas this time. It will be against the (Israel) occupation and will be spontaneous and popular. The explosion won’t only be in Gaza; it will be in the West Bank and Arab countries,” Taha continued.

However, Taha denied that anyone was planning to breach Gaza-Egypt border, as happened in January, saying that “No one is threatening Egypt and no one is permitted to do so.”

Israel imposed a blockade on the Gaza Strip after Hamas took control of the enclave last June. The siege has been recently tightened as Israel decided on Sunday to keep the crossing of Nahal Ozz on the border between Gaza and Israel closed.

Fuel for operating the sole Gaza power plant and institutions’ engines and vehicles, which come into Gaza through the crossing, were not allowed into Gaza on Sunday.

In addition, the Israeli blockade also caused a shortage of basic needs in the impoverished area, pushing Gaza to the brink of a human catastrophe, according to Hamas officials.