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Sheikh Bin Humaid meets minister, offers Friday sermon in South Africa


Johannesburg : The President of Saudi Arabia’s Shoura Council Sheikh Dr. Saleh bin Abdullah bin Humaid, who is currently on an official visit to South Africa, was received by South Africa’s Minister of State for Political Affairs Yosef Bahad here yesterday. Bahad welcomed Bin Humaid and thanked him for taking part in the meeting of the General Assembly of the International Parliamentarian Federation in South African city of Cape Town, the Saudi Press Agency reported.

He lauded the bilateral relations between Saudi Arabia and South Africa, confirming the keenness of the two parties to enhance them at all levels. On his part, Bin Humaid thanked the minister for warm welcome and generous hospitality, noting the deep-rooted ties between the Kingdom and South Africa and the possibility of further enhancing them in all fields. The meeting was attended by Saudi Ambassador to South Africa Mohammed bi Mahmoud Al-Ali and bin Homaid’s accompanying delegation.

Later, while delivering Juma sermon at Al-Himaidiya Mosque in Johannesburg, Bin Humaid, who is also imam of the Haram Mosque in Makkah, called for the unity of Muslims on amicability, love and mutual cooperation. Addressing worshippers, Bin Humaid explained that the highest level of love is love for Allah Almighty due to His perfection, glory, splendor, favor and superiority. He described a believer as one who loves Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him), more than oneself, son, daughter, wife or friends due to the perfection, beauty and ethics he was enjoying.

Sheikh Bin Humaid gave an account on several aspects of love in Islam, noting that a believer could not be considered as such unless he favors his Muslim colleague just like his loving of himself. Later, Bin Humaid paid a visit to the headquarters of Religious Scholars’ Association in South Africa where he was received by the association’s President Sheikh Abbas Jena and its Secretary Sheikh Ibrahim Ismael. Bin Humaid was briefed on the activities of the association and given account on the situation of Muslims in South Africa, particularly the cooperation of Muslims with each other and their integration with other communities in South Africa. On his part, Bin Humaid underscored the importance of Muslims unity and co-existence with other non-Muslims communities according to Islamic teachings.