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IPU approves proposal to support Palestinians rights


Cape Town, South Africa : The Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) session here on Monday evening approved a proposal made by Iran and Egypt on need for support for the rights of the Palestinian nation.

Over 1,000 delegates from the member states approved the proposal despite futile efforts made by Israel and its allies.

Some 1,500 representatives from 140 member states have taken part in the one-week event.

Secretary-general of Iran’s Inter-Parliamentary Group, Mohsen Yahyavi has called on the IPU to support the rights of Palestine and help remove the restrictions imposed by Israel on the people living in Gaza Strip and the West Bank.

Forwarding a letter to the IPU Secretary General, Anders Johnson, Yahyavi urged the international community to conduct immediate inquiry into what is going on in Gaza Strip and the West Bank and forced the Israeli regime to end systematic killing of Palestinians.

Yahyavi said in his letter that Israel is exercising state terrorism, killing innocent children and women under a variety of pretexts.

He said that Israel is practicing collective punishment in Gaza Strip and the West Bank ignoring international law.

“It is a shame on the international community to witness such practices of genocide and bloodshed against a nation,” he added.

Iranian delegation is currently in South Africa to attend the 118th IPU session opened in Cape Town on Sunday.

Role of world parliaments in establishment of national security, parliamentary observation, role of parliaments in removing threats against democracy, migrant workers, human trafficking, issues related to women and human rights are among major issues being discussed at different IPU sessions.

The Geneva-based IPU is the international organization of parliaments of sovereign states which has currently 147 members.

The IPU spring session is annually held in one of its member states.