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Majority of Fatah movement supports dialogue with Hamas: official

By Xinhua,

Ramallah : A majority in Palestine President Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah movement supports a resumption of dialogue with rival Hamas, a senior Fatah official said here Saturday.

Mohamed al-Hourani, a member of Fatah central committee, said a majority within the Fatah movement also wanted to reach a realistic deal of reconciliation with Hamas.

The two rival movements, Fatah, which controls the West Bank and Hamas, which has been controlling the Gaza Strip since last summer, are the biggest political groups that represent 90 percent of the Palestinian population.

In recent weeks, the two movements intensified their crackdowns and arrests on each other, following a bombing on a Hamas car that killed five militants of the movement July 25. Hamas has directly accused Fatah of being behind the attack.

“I believe that all parties now are more inclined to stop the current situation of media throwing at each other because it hurts the people who struggle for freedom and independence,” said al-Hourani.

Egypt, which has brokered a truce in the Gaza Strip for six months between Israel and Gaza militant groups led by Hamas, is also trying to mediate a comprehensive dialogue among the Palestinian political factions.

“Cairo has sent written documents, which include three major questions related to the factions’ desire to launch a dialogue in Egypt. I believe we are close to dialogue and we have to prepare the better atmosphere for it,” said Hournai.