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Agitating women offer bangles to Jharkhand officials


Ranchi : Faced with bureaucratic apathy towards potholed roads and electricity shortage, women of Pakur district of Jharkhand decided to make officials listen to their complaints – by offering bangles to them.

“If you cannot work for the development of the district, then you should wear these bangles,” shouts one of them as more than 1,000 women under the banner of the Pakur Mahila Morcha (PMM) move from one government office to another.

“Here the condition of roads is very bad. There is no electricity. No government department is functioning properly. If officials cannot work, they should rather wear bangles,” said PMM president Poonam Prasad.

“Poor people are not getting ration cards and cannot buy food grain at subsidised rates,” she added.

Shanti Devi, a PMM member, said: “People of the district are suffering but government officials have nothing to do with development works. We have decided not to tolerate the negligence of officials. If the officials do not mend their ways, we will chalk out our future course of action.”

The five-day agitation, launched Friday, has unnerved officials and most of them prefer to abstain themselves from the office when they hear of those women coming to offer them bangles.