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Police detain 250 Tibetans agitating in Nepal


Kathmandu : More than 250 Tibetan protesters were detained for attempting another agitation in front of the heavily guarded Chinese Consulate at Hattisar in Kathmandu.

The police used batons to shove the demonstrators on Sunday into vans and trucks as they dodged security and tried to march towards the building, shouting, “Stop killing in Tibet”, “We want a free Tibet” and “We want peace”.

The protesters, resisting arrest, were kicked and punched and later released in the evening, eyewitnesses said.

The exiled Tibetan community in Nepal, numbering over 20,000, have been staging protests against the Chines rule since March 10 when worldwide protests erupted after a crackdown by the communist state on demonstrators in Lhasa.

Nepal Government, which insists on one-China policy, is continuously under pressure from Beijing to take strong action against the Tibetan demonstrators in the Himalayan nation.

Many Tibetans insist they were an independent nation before Communist troops invaded in 1950, while Beijing says the Himalayan region has been part of its territory for centuries.