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Four killed in Pakistan missile strike

By Xinhua,

Islamabad : Four people, including two Arab nationals, were killed in a missile strike at a house in Pakistan’s tribal region Saturday.

The private NNI news agency quoted tribesmen as saying that two Arab nationals were among those killed in the attack when the missiles, fired from across the border in Afghanistan, hit the house of tribesman Noor Khan Gangikhel near an army camp at Zari Nur area in Pakistan’s South Waziristan.

They said that they saw drones flying in the area before the missiles were launched.

An official also confirmed the incident and said that two Arab militants were killed and that the two others could not be identified. He said that the two injured were taken to a private hospital in Wana, a major town in South Waziristan.

Army spokesman Major Murad said the incident happened near the army camp known as Zari Nur camp but added that the authorities were collecting details.

The tribesmen said Taliban gathered at the site of the attack and did not allow anyone to enter the area.

Missile attacks in Pakistani tribal regions from US drones have increased in recent days to target militants.

Six people, including Arab nationals, were killed in Wana when missiles were fired at a tribesman’s house some 10 days ago.