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Argentina, well-known for corrupt judges


Tehran : Foreign Ministry spokesman, Hassan Qashqavi, said on Monday citing a report by a specialized international organization that Argentina is well-known for its corrupt judges in the world.

He made the remarks commenting on a recent anti-Iran move made by the Argentine judicial system regarding the case of the 1994 terrorist bombings of two Jewish trade centers in Buenos Aires.

Some 85 people were dead and more than 250 others injured when two Jewish centers in Argentina, including the buildings of Argentine-Israeli Mutual Association (AMIA) were targeted of terrorist attacks in July 18, 1994.

Suspects had been reported to have local connections among whom many members of the Buenos Aires Provincial Police but the Argentine officials being under Zionists strong influence and pressure, alleged that Iran was involved in the bombings.

“The AMIA case was deviated from its normal track under the Zionists pressures,” Qashqavi told reporters at his weekly press conference.

He said that Iran is ready to cooperate with the Argentine judicial system “to carry out a fair investigation” over the case.

Stressing that the AMIA case was deviated from its normal judicial process, the spokesman added, “The case is, every now and then, being used to damage Iran-Argentina relations.”

During Interpol’s General Assembly held in Morocco with the participation of 184 representatives, Iran brought reasoning to prove that Argentine’s action on issuing the warnings against Iran run counter to clauses two and three of Interpol’s Charter.

Iran’s judiciary has also issued summons for Argentine former interior minister Carlos Corach, AMIA president Ruben Beraja, Argentine judge Juan Jose Galeano, prosecutor Eamon Mullen and Jose Barbaccia to attend a court hearing in Tehran to follow up the case.

However, the Argentine side has so far failed to cooperate with Iran to this end.