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Curfew continues in Kolhapur

By TwoCircles.net staff reporter

Mumbai: A fight between some Muslim youths and Mahrashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) members on Dec. 2 escalated into a communal clash in Kolhapur. Ajara taluka under Kolhapur has been placed under curfew.

According to the reports three Muslim youths Javed Mulla, Sameer Dhanje and Shabbeer Haseeb were having dinner on December 2 in Shiv Prasad Chinese Centre located right opposite Ajara petrol pump, some MNS members asked them to get up so that they could sit there. This led to argument and fight between the two groups.

According to Inspector H S Naik at Ajara police station, ‘On December 2 there occurred a dispute among three Muslim youths and some non-Muslims on Chinese food. The three Muslim youths were arrested by police under section 324’

In the clash five shops of minority community, their three houses and a shop of MNS volunteer were reportedly put on fire.

The police arrested 75 persons from both the communities in this regard and filed case against them under different sections of Indian Panel Code. Some of them have been released on bail while some others will be kept in custody till 11 December.

‘In different cases under various sections 75 persons from both the sects have been arrested’ Naik said.

The locals blame the senior inspector of regional police for prolonging the matter and giving it a communal color. It is said that the police came and arrested Muslims without any investigation.

However, the efforts from both the sides to calm the situation have bore fruit but Muslims are anxious due to Eid-Ul-Azha celebration.

‘We thank Allah Almighty that situation is now under control. There is no report that atmosphere still is bad any where. People from both the communities are satisfied. Because of the incident naturally there is fear among people,’ said Rasheed Mulla of Ajara adding that it became possible only because of rigid and timely police action.

The senior inspector of Ajara taluka Sarovidya told reporters that the situation was completely under control but curfew continues as precaution.’