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Freedom from cruel husband as court grants divorce to 70-year-old

By Kanu Sarda, IANS,

New Delhi : It was freedom for her after 53 years of bearing up with her husband’s cruelties, including his infidelity. Now 70, Bimla Devi was granted divorce by a city court Friday and she termed it an “overdue revenge”.

Bimla Devi ended her 53-year-old marriage with Rakesh Kumar, who she claimed had dumped her for another woman and now wanted to grab her property.

Additional Sessions Judge Manmohan Sharma allowed Bimla Devi’s plea after finding the charges levelled against her husband true. The court granted divorce after the couple agreed to end their marriage on mutual grounds.

Bimla Devi and Kumar were married March 10, 1955. The marriage turned sour after 23 years when Bimla Devi contracted tuberculosis (TB). Her husband had thrown her out of the house then.

“My husband left me in the lurch. Only I know how I survived and got myself treated by visiting hospitals in the capital,” Bimla Devi told IANS, recalling those days.

She returned home after being cured of TB, but her husband again forced her out of the house after she gave birth to a girl child.

“My husband refused to accept the child and asked me to take her to my parents’ home,” Bimla Devi said.

A few days later she learnt from a family friend that her husband was involved in a relationship with another woman. When she objected, he reportedly threatened her.

In her divorce petition, Bimla Devi has alleged that her husband often beat her and that he wanted to grab her home, the only thing she is left with.

In Delhi, about 8,000-9,000 divorce cases are filed every year. The number of women filing for divorce has seen a steep increase.