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Masked men loot Rs.5.8 mn from bank in Madhya Pradesh


Bhopal : Six masked men Friday barged into a bank in Madhya Pradesh’s Indore town and escaped with Rs.5.8 million in cash, the police said.

The robbery took place at the Kanadia Road branch of the Bank of Maharshtra, the police said.

According to Indore police control room, six motorcycle-borne robbers looted the Bank of Maharashtra branch in Shiv Shakti Nagar locality.

“Of the six robbers, one stayed outside the bank while five walked into the bank and overpowered bank manager Manoj Kale,” a police official said.

“They then forced the cashier to open the strong room of the bank and took away as much cash as they could carry in their bags,” said the official.

The bank employees have told the police that the men were in the age group of 20-25 years. While one of them carried an illegal pistol, two others used knives to terrorise them. After collecting the money, they fled on their motorcycles.

Sanjiv Shami, Indore police superintendent, told media persons that the police were looking for the robbers.

Last month a businessman was robbed of Rs.2 million in Sonkachh near Indore. In that incident, the robbers had not taken the entire amount. They had left Rs.500,000 with the businessman.