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No threat of India-Pakistan war: Musharraf

Lahore, Dec 26 (IANS) Former president Pervez Musharraf said Friday that there were no chances of a Pakistan-India war, adding that both countries should work for peace.

“India should not dare attack Pakistan… our forces are fully capable of meeting any challenges,” the former army chief told reporters at the wedding ceremony of former foreign minister Khushid Mahmood Kasuri’s son.

“Let me make clear to all that Pakistani forces are fully equipped and ready to face any aggression… but I would say that India should not dare to attack Pakistan,” Musharraf said when pressed by reporters as to what would happen if India attacks Pakistan.

Musharraf, who had to resign in August under national and international pressure after ruling the country for almost nine years, said there were no chances of war between the two countries but was quick to add that Pakistan was capable of defending its borders if attacked.

He, however, refused to reply to questions on national politics and moved away when journalists asked if the political leadership was capable of dealing with the crisis after the Mumbai attacks that have been blamed on extremist elements in Pakistan.

This was Musharraf’s first public appearance since he quit the presidency.