Home Economy Court asks shipping firm to compensate for delayed delivery

Court asks shipping firm to compensate for delayed delivery


New Delhi : A Delhi court has asked OLC Shipping Line Pvt Ltd to compensate for the delay in delivery of packages in Dubai due to which the complainant had to shell out extra money.

The Delhi Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission chaired by Justice J.D. Kapoor last week asked the company to pay complainant Puja Bansal a sum of Rs.41,170.

Bansal had engaged the services of the company to deliver household goods from Delhi to Dubai in 18 packages and the firm billed her Rs.18,830 with the assurance that the goods will be delivered at Dubai port within 15 days of loading.

She paid an advance of Rs.10,000 to the company and the remaining amount was to be paid after the delivery.

But the goods did not reach within 15 days and the clearing agent at Dubai asked Bansal to pay Rs.20,000 towards documentation and warehouse charges, which at the time of obtaining the courier and shipping services were not agreed upon.

The court held the shipping company guilty for deficiency in service and asked it to compensate the complainant.