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Use wisdom and intelligence not emotion: Syed Hamid

By TwoCircles.net staff reporter

New Delhi: February 06: A programme on the topic of ‘Academic and Intellectual Priorities of Muslims in 21st Century’ was organized under the auspices of Dr. Zakir Husain Institute of Islamic Studies and Islamic Studies department of Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi.

The programme was presided by vice-chancellor of Jamia Hamdard Syed Hamid and conducted by Prof. Akhtarul Wasey of Jamia Millia. Expressing his views, Syed Hamid said we should solve the problems confronting us today with wisdom and intelligence and not with emotionality because often times we may have to suffer loss due to our emotionality.

He said four things are vital for the progress of any community: (1) literacy and education, (2) health and hygiene, (3) social reforms and (4) communal harmony. If community attains these things, we can definitely proceed on the path of success, and after bringing our community and Millat on the path of progress, this becomes very necessary to cooperate with each other.

Delivering his lecture on the said topic, Mr. Asghar Ali Engineer said this topic has always remained and will remain controversial among Muslims but this is necessary to ponder over what our intellectual and practical priorities should be and what our needs are. Every society must always have some space for difference of opinion. Mr. Asghar Ali Engineer said we should not be overwhelmed by the problems confronting Islam and Muslims today with regard to modern issues, and no distinction should be made between any two groups. Similarly, there should be accorded equality between men and women.