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Airbus denies A380 model has technical defect

By Xinhua

Paris : The European plane manufacturer Airbus has denied reports alleging the A380 model, the world’s largest passenger plane, has a technical problem with its emergency evacuation chute.

All A380 evacuation chutes must be reviewed “after several flights” only, the German daily newspaper Stern reported Saturday.

“A review is done after every 70 flights. It was programmed since the commissioning of the model in October last year, and approved by the authorities. Everything is working normally, and we are working on a program in order to increase the interval of replacing the cartridge which activates the chute,” said a company spokeswoman.

All client airline companies have been informed this change is done during the normal maintenance programs, she said.

Airbus uses a new system of cartridge trigger which inflates the chutes, supplied by American company BF Goodrich. The system is replaced after every 70 flights, and concerns only eight chutes out of 16, said the spokesperson.

She emphasized the excellent commissioning of the model and its technical viability of more than 99 percent.