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Kidnapped Patna boy untraceable six months on


Patna : Six months have passed since 14-year-old Akash Pandey was kidnapped from Patna and the police have still not been able to trace him. His forlorn parents say they have lost all faith in the government and the police.

Akash, the only son of his parents, was abducted on his way to school Aug 10, 2007. Despite their repeated assurances, the Bihar police have failed to trace the boy. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar too had promised the family that the boy would be found as soon as possible.

“We have lost faith in the police and the government. Akash’s kidnapping case should be handed over to the CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation),” said a tearful Anju Pandey, Akash’s mother.

The boy’s father Yogendra Pandey said he fails to understand why the state government was reluctant to hand over the case to the CBI. “We still hope that the CBI will make a breakthrough and recover my son,” he said.

Pandey said the family never got any ransom calls. “We are in a dilemma as to who kidnapped our son and why?”

Akash’s distraught parents have approached dozens of people, including priests and astrologers.

“The pandits and astrologers after performing special prayers and rituals have told us that Akash is still alive and no harm has been done to him,” Pandey said.

Akash’s parents have met Chief Minister Nitish Kumar twice to plead for speedy action by the police.

A few months ago, the government announced a Special Task Force to trace Akash and announced a Rs.100,000 reward to anyone providing information about him.

Kidnapping has become a thriving industry in Bihar. Nearly 5,000 people, including hundreds of children, were abducted in the state last year.