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Clinton-Obama Clash in Potomac Primaries

By Prensa Latina

Washington : The US states of Virginia and Maryland, as well as the District of Columbia, will become today a battlefield for Senators Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, who are seeking the Democratic Party’s presidential candidacy.

The Illinois lawmaker, who had a successful weekend in his election race, is going through good times, according to local media.

On Saturday, Obama won the primaries in Louisiana, Washington and Nebraska, in addition to the Virgin Islands. On Sunday, he won in Maine, thus closing the gap separating him from the ex first lady.

In the light of defeat, Hillary Clinton replaced her campaign manager, Patti Solis Doyle, with her aide, Maggie Williams, in order to redesign her election strategy.

On the so-called Potomac primaries on Tuesday, 238 delegates will be at stake.

Surveys also show Obama as a winner in next week’s elections in Wisconsin and Hawaii, but Clinton expects to counter those victories in Texas and Ohio in March.

A poll by USA Today and Gallup confirmed the tough contest between the two lawmakers.

According to the survey, the New York legislator is backed by 47 percent of liberal voters nationwide, just three points ahead of her rival.

However, she is supported by more superdelegates, who are governors, congresspeople, party leaders, historic leaders and ex presidents, who are free to vote for a precandidate, although Obama has reinforced his victories with more committed delegates.

In order to be nominated for the presidency by the Democratic Party, the candidate must be voted by 2,025 delegates.