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Albanese US Lobby Supports McCain

By Prensa Latina

Washington : A US-Albanese lobby named Albanese-US Civic League gave US Republican candidate for president John McCain a million dollars for his support to the independence of Kosovo, said digital website www.serbianna.com on Thursday.

“We support McCain because he did everything we asked him to do to support the Kosovo Liberation Army,” said Joe DioGuardi, a member of the Albanese-US Civic League.

The UN Security Council will analyze the consequences of the separation of Kosovo from Serbia, announced for February 17, despite Kosovo is under UN administration since 1999.

John McCain said Monday he would reject public financing for his electoral campaign, even when he used it last summer, when his electoral financial resources were in agony.

“That’s what I think, we simply don’t need it,” he stated in Virginia, a day before the elections in Potocam, when also Maryland and the Columbia District celebrated their elections.

Such a decision will allow McCain to go over 54 million dollars, a top established as limit if he accepts public funds.

Up to now, McCain collected 53 million dollars, much less than Democrat aspirants Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, who are over 130 million dollars each.