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Seminar on long-term loan, its implications for Zakat

By TwoCircles.net staff reporter

Azamgarh: A three-day Fiqh seminar to discuss long term loan and its implications for Zakat began on 27th February at Jamia Ashrafiyyah in Mubarakpur, Azamgarh (U.P.).

The 15th annual seminar organized by the madrasa is being attended by experts in Islamic jurisprudence from across the country. Inaugurating the seminar Allama Mohammad Misbahee, president of Majlis-e-Shara’ee, under whose aegis the seminar is held, and principal of the madrasa, called upon the attending researchers of Hanafi Fiqh and Islamic scholars to finalize a line of action on the issue for both common people and specialists.

Several papers touching various aspects of the issue were presented on the first day. The questions discussed in the papers included: (a) Is it allowable to seek loan from non-Muslim banks and companies?; (b) Does current liability forbid obligation of Zakat?; (c) How will a person carrying loan pay Zakat?